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        美国原装进口ACTIVATOR V

        浏览次数:1594   更新时间:2018-04-08

        Product Description

        The ACTIVATOR V is the first FDA registered and approved cordless electronic chiropractic adjustment instrument available today. It produces an electronic thrust of pressure at the touch of a button; with four thrust settings which generate a force wave to penetrate deep into the body with no discomfort. A single daily charge of the lithium ion battery and it is ready to withstand a typical day’s use. ACTIVATOR V’s ergonomic shape, light weight design and non-slip grip facilitate steady one-handed control, allowing the doctor to see more patients. The Activator V package also contains (1) charging station, (1) power adapter, and (1) lithium ion battery. This device has a one-year warranty.


        ACTIVATOR V是当今首个获得美国FDA注册和批准的无绳电子脊椎按摩疗法调整仪。 只需按一下按钮,它就会产生一个电子推力。 有四个推力设置可以产生一个力波,深入人体,不会感到不适。 锂离子电池每日充一次电,可以使用一天。 ACTIVATOR V符合人体工程学的外形,重量轻的设计和防滑握把有利于稳定的单手控制,让医生能调理更多的患者。 Activator V软件包还包含(1)充电底座,(1)电源适配器和(1)锂离子电池。 该设备有一年保修。


        一档 80N 、二档 250N

        三档 330N、四档 330N